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The Johnny Cash Tribute The Johnny Cash Tribute


Kevin has a real talent, his voice lends itself seamlessly to the Johnny Cash style, having the same depth of tone and range as the master himself.

Kevin has received praise and standing applause for his live performances as the Man in Black, with die-hard Cash fans commenting that he sounds “more like Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash”. Like Johnny, Kevin has a living faith in Jesus Christ and continues to live his life as Johnny Cash did, giving glory to God for the blessings received and seeking to entertain others with the gifts he has been given.

In addition, Kevin has the privilege of playing with an amazing band,  the JCT Band, capable of pulling off the wide range of styles and genres that Johnny Cash is known for.

Kevin and the band cover the obvious early recordings of Cash but they excel in the later American Recordings such as“God’s Gonna Cut You Down“.

Now available also is Kevin’s wife Kathleen as June Carter singing with Kevin on tracks such as Jackson and long legged Guitar Pickin Man.


Recently, Kevin paid a visit to America, he wowed the American audiences at his open mic nights with the fact he went from Dorset accented English man to Johnny Cash. One audience member asked, “Am I on Acid that sounds amazing!”

Whilst playing with a band in Memphis, with players from the Stax records and also Jerry Lee Lewis drummer of 8 years in the audience Kevin was asked to come back again that they thought he was amazing.

Kevin had the opportunity to play in the Highway Men courtesy of Charles Stone, as well as having his own theatre spot in Branson, Missouri. Unfortunately, Visas are not as easy.


What’s available

We have a very good 3K PA system, available with band or with exceptional backing tracks and just Kevin Lovatt.

You can choose your sets, for example 2×45 min sets or one full 1hour 30min set.

If you are booking in advance and you know you want a particular song please ask if we do it… if we don’t we can learn it.

The JCT Band

Lead Guitar: Holly Carter
Double Bass: Steve Slade
Drums: Jon Rose
June Carter: Kathleen Lovatt